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When it comes to the essential things in life‚ nature tends to provide us all with we really need. This simple truth definitely applies to food; natural food contains especially valuable nutrients known as adaptogens. These useful foods play an important role in helping your body stay balanced‚ as well as performing other crucial functions. Unfortunately‚ today’s busy lifestyles may make it inconvenient for you to find and prepare the foods that contain these ingredients—leaving an opening for a supplement to fill in the gaps.


  • Contains: 90 Vegetarian Capsules

    What is Adaptogen?

    • An adaptogen is a non-toxic and non-habit-forming nutrient that doesn’t require a prescription.
    • An adaptogen promotes the normalization of your body’s chemical equilibrium.
    • An adaptogen heightens your body's capacity to deal with both physical and emotional stress‚ stress-related imbalances‚ and environmental pollution.
    • An adaptogen functions in a synergistic way in order to increase your body's ability to prevent illness in its early stages‚ before it can establish itself. This strategy is in direct contrast to the approach of modern drugs‚ which only attack specific disease symptoms after you’re already sick.
    • An adaptogen doesn’t just work at the moment you take it: it works over a continuous period of time‚ and actually grows more active as your body requires more of it.
  • There are no refunds available for this product.

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