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Greens First Berry is GLUTEN-FREE! It has been specifically formulated for those who want to get their fruits and vegetables in a delicious and convenient whole food drink mix without gluten or other common allergens. Greens First Berry is a delicious and complete phytonutrient and antioxidant supplement that works synergistically in your body resulting in an advanced combination of nature’s healthiest fruits, berries, and garden vegetables along with rice bran, flax seed and a probiotic blend for healthy digestion. Only 35 calories and 8 grams of carbohydrates per serving. Mixes easily without a blender.


    • Alkalize • Energize • Revitalize

    • No Soy
    • Easy To Digest
    • No Preservatives 
    • No MSG or Yeast
    • No Corn, Rye or Wheat
    • No Dairy or Eggs
    • No Artificial Ingredients or Sweetners
    • Increase Energy Levels without Stimulants
    • Boost the Immune System
    • Improve Digestion
    • Assist in Weight Management
    • Balance Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
    • Promote Mental and Cognitive Acuity
    • Alkalize and Balance Body pH
    • Promote Healthy Heart and Liver Function
    • Reduce Inflammation, Relieve Stiff and Achy Joints
  • There are no refunds available for this product.

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