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Greens First Chocolate is GLUTEN-FREE! It has been specifically formulated for those who want to get their fruits and vegetables in a delicious and convenient whole food drink mix without gluten or other common allergens. Greens First Chocolate is fortified with proprietary OxiSure™ Blend, so each serving has the phytonutrient and antioxidant power of 15+ servings of fruits and vegetables! Contains 70+ different super foods, extracts and concentrates, including resveratrol, kale, supergreens, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, soluble fiber, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids, enzymes and lecithin.


    • Alkalize • Energize • Revitalize

    • No Soy
    • Easy To Digest
    • No Preservatives 
    • No MSG or Yeast
    • No Corn, Rye or Wheat
    • No Dairy or Eggs
    • No Artificial Ingredients or Sweetners
    • Increase Energy Levels without Stimulants
    • Boost the Immune System
    • Improve Digestion
    • Assist in Weight Management
    • Balance Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
    • Promote Mental and Cognitive Acuity
    • Alkalize and Balance Body pH
    • Promote Healthy Heart and Liver Function
    • Reduce Inflammation, Relieve Stiff and Achy Joints
  • There are no refunds available for this product.

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