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Deltanol (Deltatocotrienals) the most potent form from annatto plants. This is a very powerful anti-flammatory for micro spots that penetrates deeper in the tissues compared to inflammacidin which is for grosser organs and acute injury. Best CoX-2 and NF Kappa B inhibitor. The anti-atherisclerotic promotes the cleaning of the femoral artery. Key player in opening circulatory tree and is especially useful in coronary disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Optimal support for chronic inflammation. If the case of inflammation is acute it is best to use Inflammacidin. Note: if taking vitamin E you must separate by 4 hours since the vitamin E will deactivate the deltanol.


  • Contains: 60 Soft Gels


    • Helps fight chronic inflammation
    • Great for headaches and other pain
    • Promotes superior cardiovascular and circulatory health including blood pressure
    • Superior lipid-based cellular nutrition with delta tocotrienol complex for healthy blood lipid levels including...
    • High Cholesterol, Abnormal Lipid Panels, Heart Arrhythmia
    • Excellent for Cardiovascular Disease
    • Metabolic Syndrome
    • Prostate, Skin and Breast Cancer
  • There are no refunds available for this product.

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