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Burning the candle on both ends? If you want to extend your candle life, this formula is as close as you can get in terms of replenishing pre-natal Jing. It replenishes Jing lost due to stress or mere living. Experience the re-birth of profound energy. Eternal Jing is composed of herbs that have a powerful Jing tonifying effect on the body. This formula supports a variety of rejuvenation processes. Deer Placenta, the lead ingredient, has a long history as a deeply restorative tonic in Chinese tonic herbalism. Over the past two thousand years various formulations very similar to Eternal Jing have been used for the purpose of restoring spent Jing, the primordial energy of life, and thus rejuvenating the body and mind. 


  • Contains: 60 Vegetarian Capsules

    • Profound restoration
    • Deep rejuvenation
    • Tonifies and restores Yin and Yang Jing
    • Contains revered Deer Placenta from New Zealand
    • For men and women
  • There are no refunds available for this product.

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