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Detox and Cleanse Your Way To Optimal Health

This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I feel that in order to feel and look amazing, you should cleanse your way to great health. The #1 question I get is “I eat right, exercise, and take care of my body, why do I need to detox?” Here’s my counter questions….

Why do people get their teeth cleaned? Do you get your teeth cleaned? Do you brush your teeth everyday? If you brush and floss everyday, doesn’t plaque and crud still form on your teeth? Why do you need to get it off? ANSWER: You do the scheduled cleanings to prevent tooth decay and preserve your pearly whites, right?

Usually these thought-provoking questions broaden people’s perspectives on the importance of body cleansing and body maintenance. Our air, water, and food quality are so poor that it’s impossible to be toxin free. Environmental reasons alone are enough to motivate you to cleanse. Couple this with additional toxin exposure from skin care products, cleaning supplies, and our recreational habits, we have the potential to really absorb and accumulate a lot toxic crud in our bodies. So, as we clean our teeth to prevent tooth decay, we need to clean our bodies from the inside out to prevent “body decay.”

The benefits of detox and cleansing are infinite and enormous. Some of these include: • A boost in overall wellness • Better skin, hair, and nails • Weight loss • Sharpened focus • Heightened vitality • Increased energy

In addition, many people have reported a clearing of ill-health related issues from cleansing. But the most important benefit I would like to stress is PREVENTION! An oz of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Annual cleansing can add years to our life and quality to our years.

Body cleansing can be quite complicated. If you do decide to detox and cleanse, I recommend you check in with your physician and a qualified health professional that specializes in detox and can provide you with the help in giving your body a well-deserved service and tune up. We are all individual and cleansing is best “individualized.” Please just don’t go and dive head first into something your not 100% knowledgeable about. Do your homework!

Here are some pointers for starting a body maintenance program.


Before cleansing, try clearing your diet of all processed foods and possibly going organic and vegetarian for a few weeks. Steamed veggies and fresh pressed juices are a great way to prep your body towards a cleansing program. Be sure to add lots water and fiber to help flush out your system. Drinking herbal support teas are helpful as well. I encourage using dandelion tea to help support the liver as you begin to eliminate toxins from your body. It is very important to nourish the liver as you detoxify the body.


After eliminating the crap, begin to brush it clean with colon cleansing. I think this is one of the easiest and most beneficial things we can do to keep our bodies healthy. Hippocrates is famously quoted for his notions on how all disease begins in the colon. Before you start clearing all the junk out, it needs a place to go. So emptying out your garbage can before you fill it back up is super important. I recommend taking a high quality colon cleansing protocol along with a series of colonics from a qualified professional to start with our biggest organ of elimination. I have personally done 15 colonics in 30 days and was amazed at the stuff that came out. I looked and felt amazing.


Microbial and organ cleansing. After clearing the colon of congestion it’s a good idea to start using some elbow grease and get into some serious spring-cleaning. This is where the HAZMAT suits come in and begin to remove toxic materials. I highly recommend taking herbal preparations of anti-fungals/ bacterials/ virals to keep the blood and tissue healthy. Ideally, we want to clear the body of pathogens that can potentially cause a problem in the future. Again the buzzword is prevention. This type of detox is fairly easy. After you find a qualified practitioner, they can help you with a protocol that is tailored and works best for you. After every cleanse, I personally get another series of colonics to clear out the waste that dumps into the colon from cleansing my blood and organs.


You know when it comes down to it, optimal health is beyond just eating right and exercising. CLEANSING is your best bet to keep that mind and body looking and feeling great. It has been said that the human body is the most complex and sophisticated piece of machinery ever engineered. Just like a high performance sports car, not only do you need to use premium fuel, but you must also perform the required maintenance, such as new tires, new brake pads, and most importantly, you need to change the oil and flush the different systems to make sure the car is free of gunk and running efficiently. You just don’t add wax to the exterior and expect your car to shine and run well. You have to service, clean and detail that car from the inside out before you wax it. Take time to do the right steps to show off and enjoy your finely tuned machine. Cleansing and detox can be the missing link to your sparkle and shine!

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