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Visualize to Materialize Your Goals

The power of the mind to manifest your destiny. I truly believe that one of the most powerful tools for being successful in fitness, life, and/or in any endeavor is visualizing your dreams and successes, so they in turn, can become a reality.

In order for this to happen, you must beyond doubt, be able to see yourself in the “state“ of where and how you want to be. Everything in this universe is energy and frequency. What we focus on and think about is actually an intelligent energy. This energy sends a specific frequency into the universe that we can use to our advantage for success. Our thoughts spawn actions, giving birth to habits, and in turn….. form our destiny. It’s almost like magic, but it’s actually a science that is proven to work. The best example of how this works is the placebo effect. Instead of elaborating on facets of quantum physics and all the hoopla of how this works, let me show you how to you use it and make it work for you and your fitness goals!


What exactly do you want? Be specific! What does your fitness goal or dream body entail? Is it a 6 pack, stronger legs, better eating habits, or even be able to run a marathon? You must have a clear picture of what you want. Write it down. Journaling is a great way for you to define your intention and start the manifestation process. Example: My intention is to have a healthy body and that is physically fit. My goal is to be able to run a 10K and effortlessly. My intention is to have a bikini body all year long.


Your intention and focus must be on exactly what you want, and not what you don’t want. You only set your mind and intention to the end result….. YOUR GOAL SUCCEEDED! If you catch your mind worrying or wandering, go back to step one. Get back to your GOAL. Never ever let doubt creep in. All you need to know is exactly what you want. All the rest of the stuff will open up for you. Things will magically work their way into your life and help make it possible for you to attain your goals. The right motivations, time, and opportunities will show up for you to move towards your goals. Synchronicity happens and things start moving in the direction of your dreams.


Begin to visualize “you” in that perfect state, your dream body and fitness level manifested into reality. You have to see yourself in the state of you want to be. Take a few minutes each morning and especially before bed, close your eyes and begin to envision “yourself” in your ideal place and state. Picture exactly how you want look and feel. Begin to notice the feelings and excitement associated with this “dream version of you” and how you want and intend to be.


Each morning set a timer on your phone for 2 minutes, because everyone has 2 minutes. Begin your visualization exercise. Repeat at bedtime. Right before bed is the best. The practice will help delve into you subconscious, literally brainwashing yourself successful. EX: Close your eyes and imagine yourself with a healthy and strong body in which you feel confident, energized, and happy. Notice your strong and sexy body. Imagine what it feels like to walk around in this fit, healthy, and strong body. Visualize every detail from what you are wearing to the style of your hair. Literally fanaticize about YOU!


See yourself and say yourself there. Affirmations and visualizations work hand and hand together to manifest your dreams. Saying your intention aloud with conviction is a very powerful tool. Repeat out loud your intention/goal in present tense. Stick a post-it note with your affirmations on a mirror in your bathroom, on the fridge, or even on your dashboard. Repeat the affirmation several times daily, it works! Example: “I have a healthy body that is physically fit.” “I am completely capable of running a 10k effortlessly.” “My body is bikini ready all year long.”


Energy activators are a great way to create discipline and help remind you to stay on track. Besides seeing it and saying it, begin to do activities to stimulate your visualization and imagination process. By simply using the creative parts of your brain and creating rituals, you can employ a better vision of your goals, thus propelling them into your reality. TIPS: • Change all your passwords to the goals you want to manifest. For example: bikinibody2014 or 6packsexy123. Each time you punch it in, it’s an activated visualization.

• Make your screensaver on your phone and on your computer of an image that inspires you. It could be a picture of a celebrity or athlete that you admire, or maybe a picture of yourself when you loved your body the most. Make sure its something that you see daily and it inspires you. • Use Feng Shui to activate the areas of your home that correlate with health and wellness. • Journal daily to actively write and document your goals. Just the effort in thinking about your goals and penning them down will help you visualize to materialize. • Use apps and like/follow pages that are geared towards inspiring you towards your vision. • Create a vision board or everything that inspires you to move towards your success. You can physically cut out and paste a collage to hang in a place that you will see daily. I also suggest using Pinterest for a virtual vision board. In summary, when it comes to becoming your best, VISUALIZE SUCCESS. These tips are easy and they are extremely effective to manifesting your best health and wellness. These universal rules not only apply to your physical body, but any endeavor you have in life. All it takes is an open mind and imagination.Remember the mind is like a parachute… it only works when it’s open.

Love and light always,

Sam xoxo

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