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Success Is A Habit

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with achieving their health and fitness goals while others soar with success? Simply stated, the champions of excellence have made success their habit and they are CONSISTENT about being CONSISTENT. Goals are attained by will, desire, visualization, practice, and habits. After working with hundreds of clients, I can tell you that the most successful ones at achieving and maintaining their goals are represented by their habitual patterns day in and day out.

I have the great opportunity to work with some of the most amazing people who are the very best at what they do. From top professional athletes to self-made moguls, I have witnessed how uber successful people triumph at life. It’s a unique experience working so intimately with people, living in their homes, and really seeing how they operate and live on a daily basis. Here are a few tips I can share with you that have helped my clients and other successful people alike:

1. Believe that you deserve it.

All successful people wholeheartedly BELIEVE that they deserve to have their dreams manifested. They respect and honor themselves enough to be blessed with all the wonders that life has to offer.

TIP: Use Affirmations: (Affirmations are a great tool to help vocalize success into your reality) “I deserve to be fit and fabulous, I am worthy of all the best that life has to offer.”

If you can’t believe that you deserve it, how will it ever happen? I always tell myself, “WHY NOT?!?!?” I am a great person, I deserve it, and other great people deserve it too!

2. Practice. Get up and DO the work!

Just believing is not enough. After you are filled with motivation and BELIEF, you create a habit of DOING. Here is where being consistently consistent comes into play. My most successful clients routinely schedule an activity that helps them improve high proficiency in their sport or business. Whether it be 4 hour daily practice on the courts or 4 hour strategy meeting, they PRACTICE this ritual day in and day out to help them achieve optimal success.

They have a great understanding that to reach their goals, they PRACTICE, and they PRACTICE CONSTANTLY. They apply this same PRACTICE skill to their exercise and wellness routine. The PRACTICE is tailored towards their schedule. It’s almost the same time everyday so a habit of routine is created to make the habit stick. So it doesn’t really matter what time of day you workout, it matters that it’s the same time you’re conditioned to doing everyday that makes your habit work for you.

Like clockwork, COMMIT to making the time to do something good for yourself as frequently as possible so the habit is ingrained in your DNA! “Don’t practice till you get it right, practice till you can’t get it wrong… and then practice some more!”

Tip: Food/exercise log and weigh in. Charting your exercise, foods, and using the scale to help you with your daily PRACTICE. Statistically, people who food log and weigh in are more conscious of their habits and they have more success with their health and fitness goals. Stats are essential to a bonafide champion of sports or a business. Successful titans know how many 3 point shots they average per game and they know well before each quarter through reports how their investments are performing. Success is easily charted and it will help you stay focused on the practice of reaching your goal. There are a plethora of fitness apps and journals to help you chart your success!

3. Invest in your practice. Be Accountable!

Along with getting super consistent, INVEST in yourself. Most of my clients hire coaches, CFO’s, and motivators to take inventory of their game and their businesses and how they can improve it. It is in their recipe for success. Along with being emotionally invested, they are fiscally invested in their goals as well. When you put your own money on the line for self-improvement, it shows that you are invested in a whole new level of COMMITMENT and ACCOUNTABILITY.

With help from a professional, you can structure “habitual” appointments to check in every week at the same time (PRACTICE) to forecast, plan, upgrade, and perform the execution to meet their goals. That’s why many successful people hire me to help them get and stay healthy. They know that money invested in their health keeps them accountable by constantly reinforcing PRACTICE! They BELIEVE they are worth it, and spare no expense to achieve their health and wellness goals.

ACTION STEP: Get your calendar out and set feasible appointments and goals for the next 3 months. Commit to making those times work and getting someone else involved to help you. They will help you “PRACTICE.” Whether it be a trainer, health coach, or friend to keep you going in the right direction, just INVEST and DO IT! Even if your budget for seeing a trainer or a health coach weekly is presently limited, seeing one every 6-12 weeks is very doable. That “check in” alone will move you towards your goals.

Furthermore, get a support system involved. Groups of people keep each other motivated. The company Beachbody and its programs offer tremendous virtual support and have excellent workout programs that really do work. They are all set up in timelines for you. Their slogan is so fitting. “Decide, Commit, Succeed!” And essentially, that’s all you have to do. Online support groups meet up groups, and workout buddies have been proven to keep people motivated and lead people to reach and surpass their goals.

4. Lastly, educate yourself.

This blog was inspired by Charles Duhigg’s book, “The Power of Habit.” I thoroughly enjoyed his book. I always read a positive book on how to change and make myself better. Books and knowledge inspire us and teach us that the world is infinite and abundant. Keep learning and never die. We all have certain powers ingrained in us habitually. BELIEVE, PRACTICE, and INVEST IN YOURSELF!!! Set to the right frequency and reward, anything is possible.

Success is ultimately a habit, created by and fulfilled by the one and only YOU!

*** A special thank you to two of the most successful and greatest athletes of all time, Serena and Venus Williams. You both have taught me so much about what being a champion really means. I am forever grateful for my experiences with you both.

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