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Welcome to Eleven Fitness Journeys w/ Venus Williams & Samantha Monus

POSITIVE CHANGES STARTS WITHIN - BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT ALONE. We created this special blog series as a way of helping you discover and shape your personal holistic well-being.

In this section, you'll find actionable advice from our experts, delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes and energy-boosting exercise videos that you can follow in your own home. Our goal is to help you set achievable goals, and guide you on the journey of getting healthy for a lifetime.

Every so often we following a handful of participants as they set and reach their own wellness goals. We encourage you to join in! Watch the video below to learn more and then sign up below to get updates, and start your own personal journey.

Love and light always,

Sam xoxo

Click Here to check out our new website Eleven By Venus.

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