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11 Simple Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss & Energy

1. Begin each day with hot water w/ lemon to alkalize and cleanse body. This is probably the easiest thing you can do each day to ensure you hydrate your body and help stimulate the bowels. 16oz of warm water with a half organic lemon is ideal.

The lemon is loaded with vitamin C, supports immune function, and it freshens breath.

2. Drink half your body weight in oz. of purified water that is room temperature. So if you weigh 200 lbs, you should drink 100 oz. If you drank your 16oz of hot water with lemon from tip #1, you are 84 oz away. This simple rule is often ignored because people often forget to drink. Usually, thirst is often mistaken as hunger. Make sure you satisfy your thirst first. Cold liquids dampen digestive fire. Room temp will help keep digestion strong. Strong digestive fire aids in strong metabolic fire. My personal TIPS: What I usually do is fill up 2, (24oz) glass VOSS bottles with my filtered alkaline water each day with a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice or my powered greens mix. I make sure I finish it before dinner. I like the flavor of the tartness of the cranberry plus it's choc full of antioxidants and is cleansing to kidneys.

3. Eat Organic. If you try eating organic and avoid conventional farmed foods you not only support healthier agricultural practices, but also you avoid GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). In addition, you also avoid many unwanted pesticides that are known to be carcinogenic and disrupt hormones. Download a copy of the dirty dozen so when you do shop you at least pick the foods that have the lease amount of pesticides.

4. Say NO to GLUTEN and WHEAT. Wheat can be a big obstacle for weight loss. Most of it is genetically modified and all wheat products contain gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat and wheat products that has been associated allergenic reactions in the gut and body. Even if you are not gluten intolerant, studies associated with food addiction and gluten are worth noting. Read this great summary of the book WHEAT BELLY by William Davis, M. D. This book will change the way you look at wheat and weight loss.

5. NO MORE CHEESE PLEASE. Just say no to cheese and all dairy products. Dairy products (cheese, yogurt, creamers) can be very mucous-forming. Along with gluten, many people have dairy allergies and are not aware of it. By avoiding these products you can reduce the amount of possible mucous, allergies, and inflammation in the body. For optimal weight loss, we want to support digestion and elimination the best we can and avoid foods that have potential negative effects on the body.

6. NO SOY. Soy, along with gluten, is mostly genetically modified aka “Franken food.” Soy is found in virtually everything so you must read your labels. There are far better choices of food to receive your nutrition from. The cons outweigh the pros when it comes to soy. Substitutions *A great substitute for soy milk and creamers are rice, almond, or nut milks. Rice Dream brand is my personal favorite. Make sure you choose organic choices. *Use gluten free Tamari instead of soy sauce.

7. NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS. This usually means no DIET products. Artificial sweeteners are synthetic chemicals that might actually make you fatter. Studies have shown that some are neurotoxic and actually make you crave more sweets because your brain and body knows that you didn’t get the real thing. Real unprocessed Stevia is a healthier alternative for your sweetening needs. Local organic honey in moderation is acceptable as well.

8. EAT BREAKFAST. Jumpstart your metabolism by “breaking the fast.” Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast usually weigh less than people who skip and tend to eat less throughout the day.

9. Make the bulk of your diet vegetables. Sautéed, steamed, raw, baked, grilled. GET THEM IN! If you eat primarily vegetables you will get a broader range of vitamins and minerals with less calories. The added fiber will also keep you fuller longer. Remember to think outside the box. Choose from a variety of vegetables and diversify your diet. Add a handful of spinach or kale to your protein shakes. An apple, pear, or banana will make the shake absolutely delicious. You can hardly taste the difference when you blend with a high power blender.

10. EAT GOOD FATS. Fats don’t make you fat. They actually help with weight loss. Fats found in coconut oils, raw seeds and nuts, avocados are highly beneficial in the body. When cooking, coconut oil is the healthiest and safest oil because it can handle the highest heat rate without breaking down. Costco sells large containers of organic coconut oil as well as many organic goods. It’s a cost-effective way to make use of your food expenses. Coconut oil is not only amazing internally but can be used as a fantastic moisturizer. It should be in everyone’s pantry.

11. FIBER, FIBER, FIBER. Virtually everyone I know could use more fiber in their diets. Making sure to add additional fiber other than from fruits and vegetables can really help with satiety levels. In addition, fiber helps with keeping the colon clear and move toxins out of the body. Add chia and flaxseed to your drinks and foods for the extra boost in your body and your bowl.

*Chia seed is considered a superfood loaded with antioxidants. Adding it to your diet brings much more than fiber, it adds excellent nutrition. When chia expands in water it is gelatinous and is like tapioca.

CHIA SEED PUDDING: Add 2 Tbsp of chia seed to your favorite protein powder with about a 1-1.5 cups of purified water. Stir. The chia seeds will start to expand and plump. Fridge for an hour or so and you have delicious pudding. Top with some raw walnuts, blueberries.

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