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3 Easy Steps to Staying Fit & Fabulous Over the Holidays!

Avoid holiday weight gain and that uncomfortable naked winter coat by these 5 simple steps. You can effortlessly keep the weight off and feel good about jumping into the New Year ahead of schedule. I’m not going to tell you not to love, party, and be merry. Just be smart! Try and do this every single day... NO MATTER WHAT and you WILL be FIT and FABULOUS!

1. Walk 10,000 steps!

This is something so simple but we can easily forget or get too lazy to do. Remember, excellence is a habit. All you have to do is recalibrate your habitual tendencies for “your” greater good. After dinner, substitute the netfilx/social media with a nice playlist/stroll around the neighborhood. Grab a co-worker/friend and walk for 15 min on your lunch break. Do 25 jumping jacks and squats every time you use the restroom. Every little bit counts. It will naturally become routine and a favorable habit that you get high on. You will be delighted at both the mental and physical changes that happen. Commit to an app or a pedometer to monitor your steps for the next 6 weeks. It is one of the easiest things we can do to shift to from flab to fab!

2. Eat 6 servings of green vegetables!

Committing to eating this amount will change your body and life drastically. Not only will you be fortifying your diet with vitamins and minerals, but you will also be filling it full with low calorie and high fiber nutrition. This will keep you fuller longer, increase your bowel movements, and keep the cravings at bay. Choose from a wide variety of greens from the vegetable kingdom. You will be surprised how full you get and how you can easily pass on all the holiday cookies. I always encourage that you pick veggies that are in season and that you diversity between raw and cooked. If greens are boring to you, season them with Herbomare. It makes every veggie taste great. Your skin and waistline will scream fab and not flab.

3. Drink a minimum16-32 oz of (room temperature or warm) water when you wake up and 30 minutes before dinner!

Ideally I recommend you drink half your body weight in oz per day. But most of the time everyone forgets. Drinking these amounts in addition to your usual intake has enormous benefits. You flush out your system, make your skin glow, and ensure you nourish your thirst, which are often times mistaken for hunger. Most of us have been conditioned to drinking with dinner. Don’t do it. It hinders your digestion. Drink at least 30 min before mealtimes. If you can, add a lemon to the am dose, it will turbo boost your efforts.

The most important rule for staying fabulous is being mindful and smart. Elevating our consciousness is the key to health and wellness. We all have the power within us to become the best we can be. Achieving optimal health is not about deprivation; it’s about stringing along a lot of healthy choices and habits together and being mindful about doing what’s best for you. These simple steps above are just simple reminders for you to do what you already inherently know to do. Even if we slip off the wagon, our efforts haven’t been thwarted. Being healthy and fabulous is about being consistent. Try and be consistent to your cause and your highest self. You will always succeed!

Love and light always,

Sam xoxo

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