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Feng Shui Your Fridge

Grab and Go. This has been a society norm that may be convenient but does not necessarily translate to health, wellness, and weight loss. Usually convenience foods are highly processed, loaded with additives, and have zero nutrition. Basically these foods are poor choices if you want to look and feel fabulous. Time to revamp previous thought patterns and create new and everlasting lifestyle changes.

The best way to start is by FENG-SHUI-ING your fridge. If you are not familiar with feng shui, it’s an ancient way of placing objects in your home and environment to create optimal “qi” (pronounced “chee”) flow. In turn, you produce the most favorable energy resonance that creates harmony and balance that is most advantageous to YOU! All things, including food resonate an energy that can be uplifting/beneficial or toxic/draining. Our goal is to create an environment that resonates the best possible energy that is most conducive to your greater health and wellness. So step one is to re-energize and re-invigorate our fridges.

Out of sight, out of mind. Isn’t that the truth? When you’re starving and you open your fridge, are you going to reach for the veggie platter or the box of cookies? Hopefully, you have already “feng shui-ed” your fridge and all you see is nature’s wondrous bounty when you open that door.


1. CLEAN Put on the plastic gloves and pull out everything from that fridge and clean from top to bottom. Wipe down and sterilize every square inch of your new storage for nutrition. When you feng shui, you want a clean canvas to work on. So fresh… so clean

2. TOSS - THROW OUT EVERYTHING THAT IS PROCESSED AND IS JUNK! The first rule is making sure all that toxic garbage is not even in your visual cortex. No hiding anything in the back of the fridge and or the freezer. Also, make sure you clear out any condiments that do not serve “your” greater good. Any ingredients that are labeled in your fridge that you cannot pronounce or that you don’t know what it is, you TOSS. (Throw out anything with MSG, high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, or fake). Check all you dressings and marinades and stay as natural as possible.

3. PLACE Strategically place all your healthy items where you can easily see them. Grocery stores do a great job at this as they place products at eye level when they want you to buy them. If it’s easy for you to see and grab, the more likely you are to eat it. I always recommend that you have a beautiful plate or serving dish of cut veggies and hummus ready to pull out and nosh on at all times. A good idea is to make it beautiful, as if you are planning for guests. The presentation and taste is satisfying to the mind as well as the body.

4. STOCK Stock your fridge with healthy staples that you can make any meal out of. As long as you don’t have any food allergies, I like to always have the following. You won’t be left short handed when you are in a pinch or with the munchies. Below are some examples. These all have long shelf life and make fast easy fixes for meals on run or if you don’t like to cook: REFRIDGERATED:

Pre-washed organic baby spinach/arugula mix Eggs Organic hummus Avocados Almond or rice milk Coconut water Apples or pears Kale Organic Rotisserie Chix Bowl of pre-cut fruit Raw almond, macadamia, or cashew butter Organic butter Flaxseed Cherry tomatoes Lemons FROZEN: Frozen cooked shrimp Wild salmon filets Frozen organic veggie medley bag Frozen organic berry medley Frozen left over bananas

Lastly, the art of feng shui can be used in all areas of your life. It is very powerful and it works. Start in you fridge and move to the cabinets and pantries. This alone will help you will make better food decisions and help empower you with your healthy lifestyle choices. I recommend taking it a step further and getting some books to help you learn more about Feng Shui and the benefits these small changes can make. By “feng-shui-ing” your home and workspace you will have even better results.

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